stop sh#$%ing all over your business

you need to stop sh@#%ing all over your business.
ok, now that i've got your attention, let me explain... :-)
in case you're, i'm not talking about that "s" word.
i'm talking about a different "s" word that you likely use A LOT in your business. actually, i can almost guarantee you use it (or think it) at least a half dozen times every day.
and, when you use this word a lot, it can have toxic effects on your energy, motivation, creativity and overall quality of life.
and the word is....
yup. that's it.
a seemingly harmless little word that you use often (am i right?). but when we "should" all over our business (and our lives), it can wreak havoc.
i should blog more.
i should organize my finances.
i should get more private clients.
i should get on twitter, instagram, etc.
i should meditate every day.
i should plan a workshop.
i should...i should...i should....
whew, i'm worn out just writing that list of examples.
when we "should" all over our businesses, we're setting ourselves up for resistance. when you should do something it rarely feels good. there's push-back and the option not to do the very thing you should do.
3 simple things to help you stop "shoulding" and embrace a new, more empowered way of moving through your business and life. check out the vid now!

do you "should" all over your business?

what is one should that you're going to give up? or, what's one that you're going to schedule? let me know in the comments below, or email it to me here.