My Favorite Design Tools to Build Your Best Yoga Website

i've been hearing from many of you in the CALM biz community that you definitely recognize the need to have a website, virtual products and even offer services (like coaching, meditation, etc.) online. awesome! bravo!
but clarity is different than action, right?
recognizing the need for having an online presence and actually creating one that you're proud of and "looks" like you is another story.
if you don't yet have a website. or, if you have website shame; meaning that your website looks and functions like it was built in 1995, then, my friend, it is time for some changes!
but, does the thought of overhauling or building your website have you running for the hills?
i get it.
creating a website or rebranding your online look can seem like a BIG & overwhelming project. (trust me, i'm going through this myself right now, which means CALM biz is getting an whole new online look & feel -- get excited!) but, it's also a worthwhile one.
{if you're uncertain if your website needs a facelift, check out THIS QUIZ to discover if it's time for a virtual overhaul.}
BIG projects, when you break them down into bite-sized pieces, are just a series of small projects that result in something wonderful {click to tweet}.
last week you took THIS QUIZ to discover if it's time to rework your website.
this week, i'm sharing my favorite website-building & design tools to help you create a website that looks & feels like you and your brand (for very little money!).

want some feedback on your website? post a link to your website below & i'd be happy to pop by for a visit :-)

here's a list of the resources I covered in the video:
google docs
pic monkey