QUIZ: do i need a new website?

new website quizdo you have website shame?
you know what i mean...
do you hesitate to send people to your site because it's outdated?
or do you apologize for its lack of functionality or clunky graphics?
does it look like it was built before the 21st century?
don't be ashamed of your website shame! it's actually a very common thing.
even the most beautifully constructed sites will one day look "outdated" if they hang around long enough. and as our businesses and brands grow, it's only natural to outgrow your site!
first and foremost, congratulate yourself for recognizing the need to have a website. it gives you the ability to reach and teach people on a GLOBAL level. but, if you're hesitant to send people to your online hub because it's not an accurate reflection of you, your teaching or your brand, then it's not doing you any good!
wondering if it's time for a new look and feel for your site?
check out this quiz below.
QUIZ: Do I Need a New Website?
Round 1
1. Do you hesitate to send people to your website?
2. Do you ever apologize about the look or functionality of your site?
3. Are you tired of the look/colors/graphics?
4. Do you think it no longer "looks" like you or your brand?
5. Do you have outdated content? (i.e. blog hasn't been updated in 3+ months or write-ups about old events)
total your number of "yeses" to the first set of questions.
# of round 1 yeses: _____
Round 2
1. Can people sign-up for your email list on your homepage?
2. Can people buy your products/services/offerings directly from your site?
3. Do you regularly update your blog with valuable content for your ideal students?
total your number of "yeses" to the 2nd set of questions.
# of round 2 yeses:_____
find out your score:
now, subtract the number of "yeses" from round 2 from the number of "yeses" you had in round 1.
{Round 1 - Round 2 = Final Score}
here's what your final score means:
0 = way to go, yogi! your website rocks!!
1-2 = no need for an immediate change, but daydreaming about a rebrand could be fun
3-4 = it's time to plan a facelift! look at other sites for inspiration and work on a rebrand timeline
5 = your website is holding you back. it's time to rework it. (don't know where to start? in next week's post i'll be sharing my favorite design tools to build your best yoga website ever!)

share your score in the comments below & post a link to your website.

i'd love to check it out and maybe offer you a few tips :-)