4 Ways Having a Vision is Super Helpful

Having a vision for your life and business is essential. It's the lens through which you make all your decisions, set your priorities and ensure you're on track with the version of success that's right for YOU!

Last week, we discussed the importance of having a vision. Now, to take it a step further, I want to dive into how you can use your vision to its greatest advantage. (I'm a girl who likes strategy, remember!)

Your vision is your destination. It's where you and your amazing business are heading.

But before we dive into the strategy piece, I want you to first celebrate the fact that you're drawn to create a clear vision for yourself and your business in the first place! That's a HUGE step, and one that many entrepreneurs overlook. Too many would-be successful entrepreneurs just dive into the work and start chugging along without a clear destination in mind, and before they know it, they're going in circles. (Now, you know why! They needed a clear vision first, just like you're creating for your business.)

Once your vision crystalizes, there are 4 ways that you can strategically use your vision as you build your business:

(1) It's your destination. You have to know where you're going in order to get there! Now that you have your destination in mind, you can align your actions, set your priorities and start moving in the right direction.

(2) It's your motivation. You can see all the amazing things that are waiting for you if you continue to do your work. When you need a little pick-me-up reflect on your vision, and remember all the things you seek are now seeking you!

(3) It's a course corrector. Feeling foggy and need focus? Reflect on your vision, read through your journal or gaze at your vision board, and let it put you back on course.

(4) It's 1 of the vital success essentials. You need 3 things for success. Yes, just 3. You need a vision (your destination), the right mindset (your vehicle) and a clear + thoughtful plan (your roadmap). Your vision is the lynchpin for the three.

Now, I would love to hear more about your vision!

Visit our lovely Facebook group, and share what your "destination" looks like. Putting your vision "out there" makes it all the more real! Accountability is key :-)

Or, if you'd prefer to chat in-person (I'd LOVE that!), I invite you to book a complimentary Clarity Consultation. Then, we can talk more about your vision and how we can create a clear and thoughtful roadmap to get you there.

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