What's Your Vision for 2016?

23423842764_3fd7e9a639_kHave you given some thought to your vision for this coming year?

Between Christmas and the New Year, I sat down to do just that.

You see, for me, a vision isn’t a dream. It isn’t wishful thinking. It isn’t about setting unrealistic “resolutions” that I’ll forget or give up on. It’s strategic.

And, the more time, energy and planning I put into my visioning, the more aligned my business and life are with it.

Visions are different than daydreams, wishes or hopes. They’re focused, clearly outlined and purposeful. They’re grounded, aligned and feel right in your body.

To put it simply, your vision is your destination.

And, in order to enjoy (and get the most out of) the journey and also look forward to what awaits, your destination has to be compelling, intriguing and enticing. It has to speak to you, call to you and pull you towards it.

If you're like me, and want to get to your destination in the most efficient, most enjoyable way possible, you need to be crystal clear on where you're heading. You need the exact "address".

When you sit down to do your visioning, set out the specifics. Write down the details. Flesh out the nuances. Imagine how it will feel once you’ve reached your vision.

Live in a place of possibility.

Believe me, no person has ever achieved impactful, fulfilling, world-changing success without a vision. Not one.

For our sanity, personal satisfaction, and ultimate success, we need to know what are efforts are going towards, otherwise we'll eventually run out of gas.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly encourage you to indulge in the creation of your vision. It’s not a waste of time -- it’s an essential. It’s strategic.

And, it will help you bring about all that you desire for yourself and your business this year. I promise you that.

After you’ve developed your vivid vision, share a piece of what you’re setting your sights on in our private Facebook Group! I’d love to hear more about the vivid vision you’re creating for yourself. When you post, use #VividVision2016 :-)

Or, if you’d like 1x1 attention to help translate your BIG vision into a clear + thoughtful roadmap to success, you can schedule a time to discuss it with me here. (FYI -- as part of my vision for 2016, I'm only opening my on-going coaching package 2 times per year. So, if you've been interested in working with me, now is the time. You can submit an application to be considered when I open the doors in late winter 2016. Spots are limited.)

Sending love for a bright + brilliant 2016!