4 ways to use social media for your yoga business

"do i really need to use social media for my yoga business?"
i get asked variations of this question a lot.
and my response is this:
no, you don't need to do anything that doesn't feel right and authentic as you build your business, but there are a number of benefits to leveraging the power of our modern social culture as you develop your yoga brand.
(1) it gives you a place to "hang" with your students outside of the studio
(2) it enables you to connect with students (and potential students) in the way they prefer
(3) it allows you to share your yoga knowledge & help your students deepen their practices off-the-mat
(4) it's FUN!
in today's video i'm sharing 4 ways that you can use social media to connect with more students and grow your yoga community.
watch it now & then get busy!

what social media platform is your fave for your biz & why?

share it in the comments below!!