#1 tip for packing your yoga classes & selling out your workshops

who doesn't want to teach a studio filled to capacity with wide-eyed eager yoga students?
but, packing our classes and selling out our workshops can seem like a mystery. there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the ebb and flow of students who show up, and sometimes the very workshop we think will be a popular sell-out is a total flop.
what gives?
is there any science to it? or is it completely random; left up to chance?
in today's video, i'm sharing my top tip for packing your yoga classes and selling out your workshops and retreats.
and, i'll admit, upon first hearing it, you may think it's obvious. but, though it may seem "obvious" to some, putting it into practice in the proper ways is key and what will separate the yoga pros from the amateurs.
if you're ready to harness the power of your teaching and draw more of the right students into your classes, you're going to gobble up today's vid!

i LOVE hearing from you!

in the comments below, share one brilliant idea for a sell-out workshop (based on the tip shared in today's video).
or, let me know about a time when you thought an idea was going to be a total win & it was a total flop -- what did you learn?