how to recruit students for 1x1 work

so, you want more private yoga clients, eh?
BUT, you hate being "pushy" and "salesy"?
i feel ya.  i hate it too.
(that's why i full-heartedly embrace marketing -- the sharing of ideas and inspiration to educate my community! but that's a topic for a different day :-)
the truth is, often the more you push your yoga offerings, the more resistant people become. no one likes being sold.
but, in order to grow your yoga biz and get more private clients, you need to sell, right?
it seems like your basic catch 22...
in today's video i cover 4 ways to recruit students for private yoga sessions without being pushy, salesy or inauthentic.  it's all about feel-good offerings and feel-good marketing -- no car-salesman-style pitches here!
if you're looking for a way to confidently, proudly and comfortably "sell" your offerings, i've outlined the proper etiquette below! enjoy!

i LOVE hearing from you!

in the comments share which tip you're most excited to try out!