should i give up teaching group yoga classes? the 3 questions you need to ask!

do you teach 15, 20, 25+ group yoga classes a week?
first off, bravo!  i'm totally impressed!  i don't think i'd have the stamina for that -- especially now that i'm a new mama :-)
if teaching group classes takes up the majority of your time and energy, you're likely wondering when is the appropriate time (if any) to back away and pursue other yoga business opportunities -- like working with more private clients, leading workshops, running retreats or designing trainings.
but, it can be a tricky road to navigate, especially if you need your group class income to support you!
well, if you feel like you need a mega-dose of clarity on this subject, you're gonna LOVE today's teaching. in it i share the 3 things you need to ask yourself to see if it's time to step away from some of your group classes.
find a cozy, quiet spot, and enjoy!

now, let me know what you think!

after reflecting on the 3 questions, is it time for you to step back from teaching so many group classes?