how to deal with jealousy

we've all been there.
we look at someone who [appears to] have it all & we feel it...that ugly pang of jealousy.
and, because we're yogis, we're even harder on ourselves when we experience it.
"this feeling isn't yogic"..."i know better than to be jealous"..."i shouldn't be feeling this way"
but, the truth is, we're all just human, and jealousy, just like any emotion, is part of the deal.
there is a silver lining, however.
jealousy doesn't have to be just a one-sided, negative emotion that we hide -- it can actually fuel us to be better!
if you want to learn how to cope with those pesky feelings of jealousy whenever they creep into your life+biz, check out the video below. in it i share 3 simple strategies to transform jealousy into something that'll help you grow for the better!

i LOVE hearing from you!

in the comments below, share a time when you felt jealous of someone else, and how you transformed it for the better.