5 retention techniques to keep new yoga students coming back

KS066it's january, so you're likely seeing an influx of new yoga students arriving in our classes, many of whom have set new year's resolutions to get healthier, do more yoga, or try something new.

but, as we all know, all too often new year's resolutions don't make it past valentine's day.

if you want to ensure that those new students keep returning to your classes all year long, here are 5 retention techniques that will keep them coming back for more!

1. get to know your students.

this may seem obvious, and you likely do it already, but getting to know your students on a personal level is one of the best, most effective ways to ensure that they return to your class again and again.  when someone new shows up, introduce yourself, ask their name, and thank them for coming.  a little common courtesy can go a long way!

2. invite them to join your email list.

whenever someone new pops in, invite them to join your email list, and tell them what to expect when/if they do (i.e. a weekly newsletter, monthly yoga vids, occasional emails with deals and promotions, etc.).  having a way to keep in touch with your students is invaluable, and an essential element of all successful yoga businesses.

3. track attendance.

most studios and gyms track attendance, and those records can be made available to you if you ask for them.  at the end of every month, ask for  an attendance print out and see who is (and who is no longer) showing up.  if someone came to one of your classes 4 weeks in a row and then missed two week, check in with them.  send a friendly email or facebook message them to see how they're doing, let them know what's going on at the studio, and invite them back to class.  people love to know that they matter and are missed -- let your students know that you care about them!

4. collect birthdays.

a few times a year (and the start of a new year is a great time to do this!), ask your students to share their birthdays with you so that you can give them a little "surprise" on their special day.  you can then log their birthdays into your email marketing platform (like constant contact or mailchimp), and set up an automatic email to send on each of your students' b-days.  in the email you could include a 15min yoga vid, an informative e-book or poses, a free class pass, or even just a lovely e-card.  this will make your students feel special and also remind those who haven't been to class in a while to drop by.

5. care.

more than anything, our students want to know that we truly care about them.  if you can communicate that in every class you teach, new students will turn into long-term students in no time.  caring doesn't have to be big, fancy, and over-the-top, it can be as simple as remembering a new person's name, asking someone about their kids, or inquiring how the new job is going.  these little things may not seem like much, but they can mean the world to a student, and really impress new students who show up to your classes!

do you have a retention technique that has worked wonders for you?
i want to hear about it!  please share it in the comments below -- i LOVE learning from you.


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