20 things to let go of in the new year

when the new year arrives, we often hit-the-ground-running setting all kinds of goals and making resolutions that consequently pile more and more onto our already heaping plates.

we always think what we want to add to our lives to increase our health and happiness (take more yoga classes, spend more time with loved ones, read more books), we don't always consider those things in our lives which are no longer serving us and can be done away with (to make room for all the new, amazing things you want in your life)!

if you want to free yourself from all that crap that's holding you back from becoming your most authentic self, today's video is my gift to you.  and, once you watch it, i guarantee that you'll already begin to feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders -- even if you're not entirely aware of it now!

to that end, i want to read you an awesome list that i found on MindBodyGreen.  it outlines 20 things to LET GO OF for 2014.  this list totally resonated with every fiber of my being, so i knew i had to share it with you.

in the vid below, i share the 20 things you should let go of in 2014 to make room for unlimited happiness and potential in the new year.

enjoy & let go!


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