6 steps to set (and stick to) your 2014 yoga business goals

yoga_calendar_amjtis the season for goal-setting and resolution making!

we're already a week into 2014, so i'm guessing that you're starting to give your yoga business goals for 2014 some thought.

if you're in a quandary wondering how to set the right goals for your yoga biz that you can actually stick to (and feel good about), i've got some advice for you!

these 6 steps that i'm sharing with you today have kept me organized, focused and SANE for all of 2013. using this system of calendar planning, you'll be able to tackle ANYTHING (and i mean anything) that you set your sights on in the new year.

if you're ready to ramp up your yoga career and really make some big strides (and i know you can!), try out these 6 steps for yourself. i guarantee they'll offer you clarity and also a great sense of accomplishment as you see yourself systematically moving through your list of yearly to-dos.

STEP 1 -- brain dump.

i'm not a huge fan of the term "brain dump", but it's a very worthwhile and effective exercise.  give yourself 30min to 1 hour to write down EVERY SINGLE IDEA you have for your yoga career.  no censoring.  no holding back.  anything that's swimming around in your gray matter, write it down!

STEP 2 -- cull your list.

first cross off anything that doesn't sound like fun (i.e. don't like the idea of hosting a destination yoga retreat?  don't do it!).  now, rank the remaining items -- #1 being the most fun/important and so on from there.

STEP 3 -- map out your calendar.

on a sheet of paper (or several sheets of paper), list out the months.  i personally like to make a chart with 12 boxes, but do whatever feels best for you.  now, plot where you'd like each goal to happen (i.e. april - meditation workshop, september - host weekend training in september, guest post on 1 yoga blog a month, etc.)

use a pencil for this because you'll likely want to change/shift things around to see what makes the most sense.

STEP 4 - cull it again.

now that you begin to see how your year's shaping up, cull through your list again.  remove anything that doesn't seem feasible or seems like it would stress you out too much.

STEP 5 - finalize your calendar.

so, you now have  your finalized list of 2014 yoga biz tasks...the next thing to do is finalize your calendar.  map out where you'd like each goal to land so that you have a reference that you can return to again and again to keep you on track.

STEP 6 - use it!

this may seem obvious, but the ONLY WAY to manifest your yoga biz goals is to use the tools you've put in place to help you.  check in with your yearly calendar regularly to ensure you're prepping properly to meet your goals.  for example, if you want to offer a weekend-long chair yoga teacher training in september, you'll want to start planning your curriculum in june, finalize it in july, market it in august, and enroll students in september!


remember: this calendar is an important reference point for your biz, BUT it's not set in stone.  if circumstances change or new (better!) opportunities arise, give yourself permission to revise and adjust your calendar accordingly.

this whole process (from start to finish) could take the better part of a day, but it's work that is well worth doing!  because, if you don't know where you're going in your yoga career -- how are you ever going to get there?!


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