5 Steps to Reach your Business Dreams in 2015

tis the season for resolution-making.
i know i'm getting into resolution-making, goal-setting, vision-board creating mode. are you?
and, that's all well-and-good except for that fact that despite our best intentions, when all is said and done just a measly 8% of us attain the resolutions we set for ourselves each year (statisticbrain.com).
that's kinda sad, isn't it?
here are a few other resolution facts for ya from statisticbrain.com...
75% of us can maintain our resolution through the first week. yippee!! off to a good start.
64% of us manage to stick with our goals for one month. we're hanging in there...
but, less than half are still on track after 6 months.
so, what does that mean?
it means that a lot of well intentioned, focused people are giving up on their dreams! and i hate to see that.
to help you reach your business dreams in 2015, i've developed a 5 step plan that'll help you identity, quantify and achieve your biz goals for the new year.
first, check out the vid below & then download this worksheet to help you on your way!

what's one of your business dreams for 2015?

share it in the comments below or tweet it out here.


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