Find YOUR Word for 2015

if you had to pick one word for this upcoming year, what would it be?
what do you want your life+biz to embody in 2015?
would it be...
at the start of the year, i always like to take time to paint a vision for the next 12 months. something that i can feel, taste, embody and strive for.
then, as i move through my days, weeks and months, i have a touchstone to come back to. something to check in with and see if i'm truly on track with the dreams & visions i hold for myself.
this year, i invite you to challenge yourself to define YOUR word for 2015. (often the first one that pops to mind is a great one to go with!)
once you have your word, you have your focus for your life and business. you have your direction, your lighthouse. just steer in that direction!
check out today's vid & then define YOUR word.

so, what's your word?

share it in the comments below or click here to tweet it out with the #oneword2015.

i'd LOVE to hear that your word is!


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