6 self-care practices every entrepreneur needs

burning the candle at both ends, again? i feel ya.

being a solo-preneur can really take its toll on our bodies and minds if we're not diligent about consciously building self-care practices into our daily routines.

if you're feeling run-down, stressed out, frustrated, burnt out, foggy or just plain tired, chances are you're not taking care of yourself as much as you're focused on taking care of your business and everyone else in your life. (sound familiar?)

in today's video i share 6 essential self-care practices that i personally use to keep myself motivated and energized. better yet,  they take very little time but offer tremendous benefits.  try out any (or all 6) and see how much better you feel :-)

i want to hear from you!

which self-care practice is the first one to go out the window for you when things get busy?

or, which of the 6 are you most excited to implement?