How To Land Corporate Yoga Gigs

growing your yoga biz means tapping into new markets, and one great place to venture is the world of corporate yoga teaching -- meaning teaching yoga at offices, workplaces, corporations, etc. if this is an area that interests you, but you're not sure how to break into it, i've got some tips to help you!

but, before we delve into those, i wanna cover some reasons why this particular area of yoga might be a good fit for teachers looking to expand their yoga careers.

1. you can make way more per hour than you can teaching group classes (and even more than you can teaching private lessons!)

2. you're "locked in" to teach a series of 6, 8, or maybe even 12 classes, meaning that you'll have steady income

3. you get to introduce new people to yoga!

4. you define your work schedule, price and teaching style

5. it's a great way to find new private clients

6. if they like you (and i know they will!), your teaching contract will likely be renewed

7. corporate wellness programs are HUGE right now & becoming more and more popular, meaning there will be more and more opportunities to teach!

alrighty, now that you're clear on why teaching corporate classes can be a fun and rewarding undertaking, listen to the teaching below to discover a few of my strategies for finding and landing gigs.

i mentioned during the audio teaching to list your yoga biz in directories.  here are a few free ones to check out: 

YogaFinder Let's Glo Manta

now, i'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 

have you ever taught corporate yoga? if so, have any tips to share? if not, what tip are you going to move forward with today?!