you should only spend 25% of your yoga business on THIS

did that title catch your attention?  good! because, chances are you're spending a lot more than 25% of your time doing THIS, and it could be stalling the growth of your yoga business -- no good!

in today's teaching, i'm covering exactly where and how you should spend your time when you sit down to accomplish your business to-dos whether you have 3, 10 or 30 hours at your disposal.  

this simple system will help you breakdown your daily to-dos, goals, and BIG dreams into manageable categories that'll enable you to move forward CONSISTENTLY and grow your yoga biz like never before.

so, are you ready?!

listen to the teaching below, and then get busy building the yoga career you've always wanted and totally deserve :-) 

i want to "see" you in the comments -- i read every single one!

did you have an ah-ha moment while listening to this teaching? how much time do you currently spend on your daily to-dos?  ready to change that?!