A Year Ago I Was About to Give Up on My Business

A year ago, I had just reentered my business after 4 months of maternity leave. A year ago, I was making almost no money.

A year ago, I was feeling stuck, unclear, and out of alignment.

A year ago, I was about to give up on my business.

I remember thinking to myself…

If this is all it will ever be, it’s not worth it! I should just give up and be a full-time mom.

The BIG vision I had for my business felt so far away. So unrealistic. So unachievable.

But, one thing I’ve come to realize again and again (I guess it’s a lesson I need to keep on learning!) is the more I get tied down by HOW things NEED to happen, the less likely they are to occur at all.

Fast forward to today, a mere 12 months later, and EVERYTHING is different. Everything is better. Everything is working...or should I saying flowing.

If I told you that 12 months from now you will be working only 20 hours a week with amazing clients you adore and making 5-figures in a month, what would you say?

If you had run that scenario by me a year ago, I would have said, Seriously? How?

But you see the HOW isn’t what’s important. The belief that it is possible is. That’s where we need to start.

Too many of us start with the “hows”. We get obsessed with them.

Should I be on Twitter or Facebook?

Should I work 1x1 or run a group program?

Should I host a podcast or write a blog?

But, that’s not where our journey begins. That’s not where success starts.

Our journey to true success begins with a belief that it’s possible, and then the hows naturally fall into place as they reveal themselves along the way.

All we need is a glimmer of possibility. A glimmer that cracks our limiting mindset wide open and opens our eyes (or should I say our hearts) to the idea that anything is possible and things can change FAST.

When we get tied down by the hows, we get completely overwhelmed because we think we need to micromanage every aspect of the enormous big picture. We don’t.

We only need to move forward in devotion to our vision.

We need to seek out what feels good, what feels aligned, what inspires us, speaks to us, elevates us, brings us joy, and move in that direction. That’s the trick.

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Celebrate every win, no matter how seemingly small, and tap into that deep-down knowing that you are meant for something big, bold and beautiful. (I know you are!)

Most importantly, know that you are deserving of it, too.

12 months from now EVERYTHING will be different.

With love,





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