What Business Are You REALLY In?

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I’ve got an interesting question for you.
When I first started to consider it, it got me really excited and gave me even greater clarity about my WHY.
So, here it is for you...
What business are you really in?
At first, you might feel compelled to respond with…
“I’m a coach / entrepreneur / small business owner / creative / yoga teacher / artist / mentor”
But, I’m challenging you to unpack it more.
Get underneath all the layers.
Behind your title, under your business model, inside your brand, what’s there?
What is it that you -- and ONLY YOU -- are offering to the world?
That, my dear, is where the TRUTH of the TRUTH lies. The bud of the bud (I’m channeling e.e. cummings here, can you tell?).
That is your essence, your soul’s purpose, your reason for being on this planet.
Now, that may sound like a lot of weight to put on one little question, but I encourage you to play around with this. Allow it to draw goodness out of you as you think about it. Don’t let it weigh you down, that’s not the point!
Toss it around. Mull it over. Savor the first thought that pops into your mind.
Want to know what business I am really in? Beneath it all?
Here goes…
I’m in the business of Inspired Clarity.
To flesh it out a bit more...
I deliver + evoke clarity that leads to inspired action.
When that hit me, everything seemed so simple. So clear.
When everything comes back to that one kernel of truth, it simplifies the whole deal. (I love simplification, ease and CLARITY, so this felt great to me!)
It was as if I had a new lens through which to look at my business + life and everything made more sense.
If everything I do, create, say, offer, build, develop, or teach has that underlying message, I’m good. I’m on track. I’m doing it. Cool.
Now, it’s your turn, my friend. Inquiry always brings clarity <3 
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What business are you REALLY in?
Ask yourself and see what comes up. Trust what comes up. Love what comes up.
Then, share it here. 
With love,