Why You Need to "Date" Your Business


The other day a thought struck me.
Building a business is a lot like dating.
It can be exciting, alluring, breathtaking, fun, NEW!
It can also be totally frustrating, tiring, feel like it’s taking forever to get to your desired outcome.
But here’s where things diverge a little bit…
If I were to ask you, what is your ultimate goal for your business?
Your answer would probably be a version of “To be successful!”
And, if I were to ask you, what is/was your ultimate goal for dating?
You’d likely say something like “To find my perfect partner!”
Ok, awesome. You know where you want to go! That’s the first step.
Now, let’s follow that up with Q #2.
Q: When would you like to be super successful in your business?
A: Yesterday! It can’t happen fast enough :-)
Q: When would like that ring on your finger?
A: I don’t know / Soon(ish) / When the timing’s right! We’re totally in love, and things are so much fun! There’s no big rush. I know we’ll get there eventually.
Notice how our expectations are radically different?
Yet, the process of creating a business and creating a life partner aren’t that dissimilar. They both involve love, commitment, dedication, and trust.
When it comes to our business, we beat ourselves up for not being “there” faster. We don’t trust that it’s happening -- that everything we’re doing is moving us in the right direction.
In a great relationship, sure we think about the timeline, but it’s not something we necessarily beat ourselves up over. We have more faith in the process. We trust that if we keep clicking, keep enjoying, keep learning, keep loving, we will find that commitment and love that we’re looking for.
Totally different with our businesses. We start questioning everything because we’re not an “overnight success”. In love, we often want to spend 1, 2, maybe even 5 years getting to know someone before we say “I do”.
We want the journey, the experience, the time.
I wouldn’t trade those 6 years I had with my husband before we were married for anything. During that time we grew together and developed an essential foundation for all that we’ve done, become and accomplished since. I cherish that time.
With our business, however, we want to skip ahead to success -- to that steady, reliable place. We want to skip straight to “marriage”.
But, if we skip right to marriage, we’d be totally unprepared! Not to mention, we’d miss out on so many memories, so many lessons. Simply put, we’d miss out on so much good stuff.
We need the journey to get us ready for the destination.
Here’s what I think. We should want to “date” our businesses. To learn what works and what doesn’t, to try things, to overcome obstacles, to get stronger and do better.
We should embrace the time that it takes, not criticize it. We should look ahead with anticipation of where we’re heading without feeling rushed to get there faster.
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When it comes down to it, in both business and dating, we shouldn’t want to miss out on all the really amazing new relationship stuff that’s essential to long term happiness!
Every day you have the opportunity to fall more in love with your business.
Don’t wish that time away.
With love,
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