The MOST Important Question to Ask Yourself About Success


You’re a big-thinker. It’s why you’re here.

You want success. So do I.

You deserve success. We all do.

You picture your success. I know you do, because I picture mine too. All the time.

For me, the BIG vision encompasses...

  • A custom-designed home that my husband and I build together
  • A thriving business serving MILLIONS
  • Plenty of time, money & energy for family, friends, travel, new experiences, and things we love and would enjoy

Perhaps yours looks somewhat similar. Perhaps not.

So, let me share a few more nuances to really give you the flavor of my version of success.

More specifically, my success includes…

  • A home yoga & meditation studio with a big picture window overlooking our sprawling backyard
  • A beautiful home office with clean white walls, wide-open desk for creating, and state-of-the-art audio recording equipment (more on this in the near future ::wink wink::)
  • A large kitchen with long marble-topped island and sitting area with fireplace
  • Traveling for weeks-on-end to far-off places and experiencing new cultures, great food and unplugged time with loved ones
  • A gorgeous virtual hub (read NEW website!) that is breathtaking & elegant and delivers Clarity to everyone who visits
  • Book deal. (‘nuff said)

That’s my version of success. When I picture it, it makes me happy. Ridiculously happy. Like smiling ear-to-ear kind of happy. And, perhaps elements of it even spoke to you too.

But, success is very personal.When you start fleshing out the nuances, yours will likely look VERY different from mine. And that’s GOOD! That’s how it’s supposed to be.

There is no one version of success that is right for everyone. It varies person to person. It’s like a fingerprint. Your DNA. It’s one-of-a-kind and completely unique. As are you :-)

Yet, I see far too many women not taking the time to truly discover what success means to them. (Not to their mom, friend, sister, mentor, neighbor.)

You think success NEEDS to include a 7-figure business, a jet-setting lifestyle and luxury brands. And, for you, it may. Or it may not. There is no right or wrong.

The only thingyour version of success needs to be is totally, utterly and unapologetically yours.

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It can look however you want it to and be as grand or as simple as you like.  

Your success is just that, yours.

Here’s what I’d love for you to do...

Take a minute (seriously, just 60 seconds, right now. Set your phone timer if you need to) to visualize what yoursuccess looks like. You’ll know you’re zeroing in on the right elements for you when you feel pure excitement.

Now that you’ve done that, it’s time for the MOST important question you can possibly ask yourself about your success.

It’s one that I ask all of the women I work with, and I’m going to ask it of you now:

What does success feel like?

Look underneath the income, behind the home, inside the business.

What does it FEEL like there?

Is it bold and brilliant? Quiet and contemplative? Harmonious and happy?

Does it feel like peace or love? Or excitement and adventure? Do you feel generous, prosperous or abundant -- or all three?

Mine out the feelings of your success.

Because...the journey has to align with the destination.

If for you success feels like ease, joy and abundance, you CANNOT get there by feeling rushed, worried and overwhelmed. It simply will not happen.

So, here’s the plan. Super simple.

Focus on the way success feels and do more things that make you feel that way.

Hold yourself to this lovely new commitment by sharing what success feels like for you with the rest of The Clarity Crew in our private FB group. 

Remember: The journey has to align with the destination.

With love, Cailen