Confession: I nearly filed for bankruptcy my first year in business!

Confession: “I nearly filed for bankruptcy my first year in business.” - Gena Shingle Jaffe, sparkly lawyer for women entrepreneursGenavieve Shingle Jaffe is my dear (real life!) friend here to help you cover your beautiful business booty with legit legal protection. She runs a law practice, Genavieve Shingle Law, and is the co-creator of the on-line legal course, Damsel goes bare™, where she educates and empowers female entrepreneurs with the legal side of their business.  

Her branding is completely authentic - how many other lawyers out there are branded with sparkles, unicorns and openly discuss depression?? Even her business motto is "Transparency is the new black."  

Gena is a sweetheart, and I know you’ll not only fall in love with her, but how she makes the law (often such an uncomfortable and foreign topic) totally relatable and dare-I-say enjoyable!

Dive into this month’s Clarity Confession with Gena to learn...

  • The rollercoaster ride that was her first year in business (she made 6-figures, spent 6-figures and nearly filed for bankruptcy)
  • Every thing is both a lesson + a blessing
  • The 3 things you NEED on your website to protect yourself

Listen to Gena’s Clarity Confession now.

If you enjoyed Gena’s awesome Clarity Confession, you can learn even more from her here. She’s put together an outstanding, FREE video series just for women entrepreneurs that covers exactly how you can protect you, your biz and have fun the process!

With love, Cailen

P.S. Gena is such a giver! She put together a top-notch FREE training just for women entrepreneurs who want to protect themselves + their businesses here.

She’s so awesome :-)