Uncover Your Money Story

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Do you know that you have a Money Story?

It’s the unique way that you think about, relate to, and deal with money.

And, that Money Story is dictating everything from the number in your bank account to the price point you charge clients to how you feel about spending money on yourself.

When we allow our negative thought patterns about money affect us, it can become nearly impossible for our bank accounts to grow. Business feels like a lot of effort, and we feel at odds with our desires.

Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t know if I even have a money story”. (I get it, that’s kind of how I felt the first time a coach of mine brought it up.) But, I encourage you to remain open to this idea -- for me, it was a true game changer in my business (and life for that matter).

Let’s start here. Do you ever think to yourself?...

I have to worry about money.

Making money is hard.

I can’t buy that -- it’s too expensive.

I’m bad with money.

Money is stressful!

If you’re repeating thoughts like the ones I’ve listed above, you’re basically reaffirming to yourself again and again exactly what you DO NOT want.

You’re essentially doing a 24/7 mantra meditation for money lack.

Hear this: Money is neither good nor bad. Positive nor negative. We bring the emotion into the equation. So, that means, you get to choose how you relate to money! Your perception of money dictates your money reality.

Now, I get it, making money can feel like a challenge until we clear our money blocks. And, that starts with noticing your Money Story -- your “go-to” thoughts, actions, reactions, beliefs, and emotions around money.

When you bring more awareness into the equation, change is just around the corner. I promise.

Don’t let your financial life coast on autopilot, just hoping it will get better. It won’t, unless you plant the seeds for change.

If you want things to shift, you first have to take an honest look at where you’re starting from.

(Side note: This is NOT about getting down on yourself for having a negative Money Story -- that wouldn’t solve anything! This is about shining some light on the issue, and realizing that you don’t have to continue moving through the world with the same “money baggage” if you don’t want to!)

Once you clearly see the negative thought patterns you’ve been locked into, you can choose new ways of thinking and behaving that better reflect how you want to view and interact with money.

Live life deliberately, not by default. Starting now.

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