beach reads

hello mavens!  i must confess, i'm usually the type who starts books but rarely follows through with them to the end - especially novels.  however, i've read (cover-to-cover) a few good books so far this summer, so i thought i'd share.

lunch in paris by elizabeth bard chronicles her life as a paris-transplant.  her enjoyable, funny writing transports you to another world (...or should i say country...) overflowing with delicious food, good wine and, of course, romance.  'nuff said.

the hunger games by suzanne collins is not the type of book i typically go far.  set in the (not-too-distant) future, the usa has transformed into panem - a dark and dissatisfied country comprised of 12 districts.  every year, the capitol, the only thriving city, hosts the "hunger games".  the games are meant to remind the districts of their inferiority by requiring 2 teens from every district to the death.  the winning district is then rewarded with food, money and supplies.  ok, if you're rolling your eyes, i totally understand.  but, all i can say is everyone...and i mean everyone...who has read this book LOVES it.  every chapter ends with a cliff hanger that makes you read on.  it's a quick, easy read and just perfect for the beach.  (bonus: if you love this book, it's the first of a trilogy, so read on.  i'm 3/4 of the way through catching fire, the 2nd of the trilogy now.  and it's goooood.)

this one's an oldie but a goodie.  peyton place by grace metalious is pretty much a soap-opera style, page turner.  the story follows a young girl in a small connecticut town.  seems innocent enough, right?  but each chapter takes you behind the towns people's closed doors and believe me, it's anything but innocent...  written in the 1950s, this book was completely scandalous in its day and was banned from a lot of libraries and book stores.  you intrigued yet?  (confession: i actually just finished the sequel, return to peyton place, but obviously, you have to read this one first...)
ok, so there you have it, my summer reading list.  after catching fire, i think i'll read the 3rd book in the hunger games series, mockingjay, and then...who knows...
do you have any good book suggestions for me?