healthy snack-attacks

i am a snacker.  and i eat several times throughout the day.  i find that if i go more than 3-4 hours (sometimes 2-3 hours) without food, my stomach starts rumbling, and i find my mind wandering toward "what can i eat?"

as i sit here with my cut up apple, munching away, i thought i'd share some of my all-time favorite (healthy) snacks with you. 

- fruit - my "go-tos" are apples, oranges and grapes, but i also love all the fresh berries that are available this time of year.  i just got some cherries that are to-die-for!

- yogurt - i love yogurt because you can dress it up so many different ways.  sometimes i top it with bananas, raisins and cinnamon, other times granola (or cereal) and pb.  anyway you make it, yogurt is yummy and super good for you.

- cheese & olives - lately i've been enjoying string cheese and olives.  this small savory snack is really satisfying.

- nuts - i personally adore pecans, though almonds are super good too.  for a sweet treat i mix a few tbsp of pecans with some raisins and a dash of cinnamon - eat it all together and it tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie - no joke!

- hummus & crackers - this is a great option if you're craving something crunchy.  plus hummus comes in so many flavors & varieties, you're bound to find one that suits your fancy.  (also, try hummus with apples or carrot sticks for an even healthier version.)

me & my apple snack

so there you have it.  my list of go-to snacks.  but before i release you back into the snacking wilderness, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

portion control - because i eat/snack throughout the day, i am conscious of portion control.  i never sit down with the whole box of crackers and container of hummus.  instead, i plate up a small portion and then sit and enjoy it.

thirsty? - i am so guilty of this.  thinking i'm hungry when i'm actually thirsty.  keep hydrated and listen for your true hunger so that you don't overdo it.

slow it down - if you're going with small meals/snacks to satisfy you, it's really important to eat slowly and chew thoroughly.  if you rush through your mini-meals, they won't even register, and you'll just leave yourself feeling unsatisfied.  take your time to taste your food : )

so, mavens, what healthy, wholesome snacks do you love?.