NC cousins' trip

this past week i was (back) in north carolina.  this time with all my cousins (from my dad's side), their spouses and kids.  7 cousins + 5 spouses + 2 toddlers + 2 babies = 1 amazing week.  we had a blast!

we stayed in a huge house (8 beds, 8 baths) in corolla (pronounced cor-ah-lah...not like the toyota sedan), nc in the outerbanks.  the place was awesome.  2 blocks from the beach, private pool, outdoor bar, hot tub and volleyball court.

the first morning, we met for breakfast at this great little local place.  sauteed veggies with scrambled eggs and a homemade biscuit!  hello, deliciousness!

4th of july was also my cousin, andy's, birthday, and we celebrated with a seafood feast.  fresh shrimp, clams and king crab legs all cooked to perfection.  fresh corn & boiled potatoes rounded out the menu.

me on the deck watching the storm

on wednesday, we went to a nearby wine fest put on by the local whalehead club.  $20 all you can drink and eat.  not a bad deal if you ask me...

craig & han (my little sis) at the wine fest

thursday morning, craig and i visited duck donuts - a recommendation from one of my guest posters last week, alice.  she said they make some of the best donuts she's ever had.  and boy, was she right.  craig and i shared a cinnamon sugar & glazed with some coffees and then brought back a dozen to share with the rest of the house.  powdered, bare, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, vanilla, maple & glazed.  the cousins loved them just as much as we did.  (thanks, alice!)

thursday evening, we headed out for seafood (again).  cajun mahi mahi and fresh tuna over black bean rice topped with a sweet corn salsa.  glass of pinot grigio.  waterfront dining.  perfect beach dinner.

craig & me

 saturday found us back at the whalehead club for a tour of the 1920s residence.  the enormous (21,000 square foot), art nouveau "cottage" now serves as a museum, and we thoroughly enjoyed our self-guided tour.

it was a week to remember, and we're all already talking about where our next cousins' vaca will take place.  since the outerbanks are about an 8hr drive, we're thinking we should maybe think of someplace a little closer as more and more babies join the crowd : )

car ride home

any suggestions for the next cousins' trip location?.