biz: 12 questions that will get you clear on who you're meant to serve

sure, we all like to think that we can serve everybody...but the truth is, the longer you teach yoga (and the longer you're in the business of teaching yoga), the more you realize how essential it is to get clear on who you are meant to serve.

what do i mean by that?

in order to truly serve to the best of your ability, and make the difference you're here to make -- you have to hone in on your ideal client.  your ideal client/student is the person you LOVE to teach, who responds best to your teachings, who lights you up, and who you inspire with everything you do and say.  they love you, your teaching style, and can't seem to get enough of your yoga message.

now imagine working exclusively with people like that -- who are so drawn to you that they can't help but share and spread your yoga message with everyone they interact with.  that's the kind of person you want and need to focus on.

if you're not sure who that person is for you, answer these 12 questions, and you'll start to see who your ideal student is.

remember, every answer to the questions below should come from your inner knowing -- your truth -- not from what you think you should say.  also, keep in mind, you're painting a picture of the "ideal student" who you love working with the most -- it's not necessarily someone you actually know in real life.

  1. what style of yoga do you love to teach?  (not necessarily what you have the most training in)
  2. what level student do you love to teach? (beginners, mid-level, advanced)
  3. what is their gender?
  4. what is her/his age? (teens, mid-30s, senior citizen...)
  5. what are her/his interests or hobbies? (knitting, hiking, reading poetry, listening to jazz music, vegan cooking...)
  6. what are her/his spiritual beliefs? (spiritual, christian, buddhist, atheist...)
  7. what are her/his dominant personality traits? (type-A, romantic, philosophical, inquisitive, bold, contemplative...)
  8. what magazines, blogs, and books does she/he read?
  9. what does she/he do on the weekend for fun? (run a 5k, go to a winery, visit with friends...)
  10. what is her/his life circumstances? (single career woman, young executive, married stay-at-home mom, retired grandfather...)
  11. what issues or problems is she/he dealing with? (chronic stress, bad back, fear of failure, poor self-esteem...)
  12. what could you teach/offer/design/share that would be the "answer to their prayers"?

once you're clear on who you're meant to serve, you can start speaking to him/her through all your marketing, on your blog, in the studio, and in your yoga newsletter.

every flyer or brochure you create -- create it for your ideal client.  every workshop you design -- design it for him/her.  every class plan you write -- write it for her/him.

your ideal client is the key to your success as a yoga teacher, because he/she is the person that responds best to your teaching and will help you share your heart-felt, awe-inspiring yoga message with the world.

now, get to know them!!!