biz: if you don't have don't have a yoga biz

so, what is one thing that every yoga teacher should have and cultivate if she wants to transform her teaching into a career?... email list of students, prospects, friends, family, and fans that love and support you.

your yoga email list is the backbone of your yoga biz.

that's worth repeating.

your YOGA EMAIL LIST is the backbone of your yoga biz.  and just like the spine supports you in every asana you do, your email list will support the growth, sustainability, and ultimate success of your yoga career.


your email list is comprised of all those students (and fans!) who love you, want to hear from you, and oftentimes want to work with you.  they are the people that you can best serve, and they all (every single one of them) deserve to be treated like gold!

without an email list, you're just spinning your wheels.  your marketing efforts will fall flat, and your attempts to grow your business will flounder because you're not consistently reaching out to the very people who WANT TO support you.

so, how do you grow your list?

this is a long and complicated topic (that i've talked about before, and will surely talk about again), but for now, let's keep it simple so you don't get overwhelmed before you even start.

you can start to grow your list by:

  1. asking your current students and private clients to sign-up
  2. asking friends, family, and fellow teachers to sign-up
  3. putting a sign-up on your website (yes, you NEED a website, too! for more on this topic watch this video)
  4. offering consistent, relevant information that's valuable to your readers (in the form of a blog or e-newsletter)
  5. asking your readers (if they like what you shared in your blog/e-newsletter) to share it

do you have a yoga email list?

if not, visit to set up a free list-building management account, and even start a newsletter!  (it's what i use for my weekly CALM biz newsletter :-)