biz: no clue what your "yoga niche" is? here's something that could help!

ok, so you love yoga.  you love teaching.  but, you're foggy on what your unique, one-of-a-kind yoga message is.
i've been there.

i would go to class and (i'm not proud of this) envy the teachers that were so clear on what their yoga focus was: yoga for athletes, gentle yoga for women over 55, alignment-based vinyasa paired with philosophical yogic teachings.  these teachers were on a yoga mission, delivering their messages with eloquence and grace to the exact people they were put on this earth to serve, teach, and help.

it takes time and effort to figure who you're meant to serve.  it takes patience & an inquisitive nature.  and i know that first-hand.  during this time of self-discovery, i tried "niches" on for size, read blogs, books, and magazines all hoping for that "ahha" moment to illuminate me to my life's purpose.

finally, i started paying attention to what people came to me about, what questions they asked, and what advice they came back again and again for.

sure, people would ask me questions about yoga.  but, then i began to notice something -- the very teachers that i admired (who were so very clear on their yoga mission) were coming to me with questions about blogging and marketing.  and i had my "ahha".  i realized who i was here to serve -- i am here to serve other yoga teachers who want to craft careers out of what they love doing most: teaching.

if you're looking to hone in on your "original medicine" -- that very thing you're meant to share with the world -- and discover how to best communicate and share it with your students, there is a must-read you have to add to your book shelves...learn all about it in the video below.

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so, what is your original medicine?  share it in the comments below!