biz: 5 other places to teach yoga

If you’d like to pursue your yoga career part- or full-time, but aren’t sure how to expand your offerings, why not consider venturing outside of the studio walls? Think outside of the box (or, should I say outside of the studio), and look into teaching opportunities at one (or all) of these places. 1. Gym or Fitness Studio – After a yoga studio, a gym is often the next go-to place to teach, and if you’re interested in teaching yoga to athletes or beginners, a gym is a great choice. Also, look into teaching at other fitness studios – like a Pilates or Zumba studio – to see if they want to expand their offerings with a yoga class…or two.

2. Places of Worship and Community Centers – Any place that people regularly gather is a great place to look into teaching. Plus, churches, synagogues, and town centers often have many large (often empty) rooms that are ideal for spreading out yoga mats.

3. People’s Homes – If you have yet to venture into private teaching, there’s no time like the present! Let your current students know that if they wish to deepen their practice with private lessons that you’re available to teach in-home classes. This is also an ideal option for students with specific body issues, aches, or pains that need special addressing.

4. Offices – The trend of office wellness programs is here to stay! Ask your spouse, friends, or students if their office would be interested in a weekly yoga program. Though office workers may not venture out to a yoga class at their lunch hour, if there’s one being held in the conference room, they’re much more likely to attend!

5. Schools – Whether you’re teaching elementary school kids sun salutations, guiding the girls’ lacrosse team through a hip opening series, or letting high school teachers rest in savasana, there are countless individuals in schools who can benefit from yoga. Call your local school, or check with your child’s gym teacher or coach, to see if you can arrange a free class to spark interest!

Do you have any other suggestions about great places to teach yoga?


this post was originally written for My Yoga Online