biz: it's all about confidence

do you know what the first step is toward making yoga your career?  are you thinking things like: "get insurance" or "figure out a teaching niche" or "contact yoga studios to see if they're hiring"?  no, no, and no. the first step toward making yoga your career is to decide to make yoga your career.  sound simple or even silly?  it's not.  when you decide something for yourself, it has profound ramifications.

ever hear the saying "thoughts are things"?  well it's true.  and when you decide to make yoga your career, you send out a powerful message that yoga will be your career.

when you decide that you want to teach -- and even make teaching your living -- you step into your power by deciding your destiny.  once you decide to make yoga your career, and someone asks "what do you do?" the answer is simple: "i teach yoga."  there's no hemming and hawing, no caveats or qualifications.  there's just you standing in your truth.  you are a yoga teacher -- whether you teach 1 class or 10, whether you have no private clients or a waitlist.

once you embrace your chosen path -- the path of teaching -- doors will open.  people will appear in your life that will help you achieve your dreams.  and your ideal students will find you.  but the first step is to find the confidence and inner strength to boldly state your desire -- and then go out and live it!