biz: do you compare yourself to other yoga teachers?

do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to other yoga teachers? ...why can't i sequence like her?  ...where does he get those theme ideas?  ...when will that many people show up to my class?!  ...i could never hold handstand in the center of the room!

if you suffer from occasional comparison syndrome, you're not alone -- we all do it from time to time.  in truth, a bit of healthy comparison is great -- you can get new ideas that can improve your own teaching.  but if you continue to compare yourself to others to the degree that it makes you feel less than or stalled in your efforts, you're only hurting yourself!

sometimes, i get stuck looking outward, noticing what everyone else is doing.  and you know what happens?  i stall out, get overwhelmed, and feel like i'll never "make it".  and, i know from personal experience that those moments do not better me or serve my students!  if i instead, direct all that energy that's expended feeling less than to bettering myself, my teaching, and my students, real change, and real improvements take place.

the next time you notice that you're comparing yourself to others in an unhealthy way, take a deep breath, celebrate their accomplishments (if they can do it, you can too!), and turn your eyes back to your own paper : )