biz: make 2013 your year!

it's time.  this is your year.  no more excuses.  no more waiting. do you feel like your dream lifestyle is "on hold"?  what are you waiting for?

no one is going to give you permission.  no one is going to tell you you're ready.  no one is going to make the tough decisions for you.  it's all up to you.  but that also means that at any moment, you can decide to make a shift -- a shift towards more optimally aligning with your true purpose.  with the gifts you are meant to share.

if you're ready to start shifting your yoga teaching from "hobby" to career, i'm here to help.

2013 is your year -- pursue your passion & live the life of your dreams!


let's work together to manifest your dreams.

cailenascher [at] gmail [dot] com