biz: get rid of your excuses & start building your dream yoga career today!

we can all come up with hundreds of reasons not to work toward our goals and dreams.

excuses are the easy part.  taking action, and buckling down and working on it is the hard part.

maybe you think you don't have the time to invest to truly transform your yoga teaching into a career, or maybe you think you need more training, or maybe you're simply scared of failing.  but, no one ever succeeded by doing nothing.

i challenge you to drop your excuses & start working toward your dream yoga career today!  check out the video below for some inspiration and a tip or two to get you started on the right foot :-)

feel like you're all over the place with your biz efforts?  not sure how to schedule your time to make the biggest impact with your yoga business?

in my new course, 2 hours to yoga biz, i'll cover exactly how to consistently and effectively market your yoga teaching in order to grow your yoga career and reach more and more people with your teaching.

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