biz: 85+ yoga niche ideas

in the last two posts, i talked about why you should consider a yoga niche and also how to go about discovering your unique niche.  (so, if you haven't read those two posts yet, you might want to mosey on over there first.)

in this post, i thought i'd help you get your "yoga niche" wheels spinning with 85+ yoga niche ideas.

this list is by no means all-inclusive, but hopefully it'll help you to think outside the box about how to bring more of you and what you love into your yoga teaching.

  1. yoga for newbies
  2. super-duper advanced yoga
  3. restorative yoga
  4. broga (i.e. yoga for guys)
  5. pre-natal yoga
  6. yoga for new moms
  7. yoga for athletes
  8. yoga for teen girls
  9. yoga for teen boys
  10. yoga for kids
  11. yoga for tots
  12. martial yoga (hybrid of martial arts & yoga)
  13. ballet yoga (mix of ballet & yoga poses)
  14. hip hop yoga
  15. yoga for singles
  16. yoga for under 30
  17. yoga for over 50
  18. yoga potluck (1x month food-centric gathering for yogis who love to eat -- if you do this, please invite me!)
  19. chair yoga
  20. meditation for newbies
  21. sanskrit for newbies
  22. yama yoga (with a focus on philosophy/history of yoga)
  23. chant yoga
  24. kirtan
  25. happy hour yoga
  26. yoga for runners
  27. yoga for golfers
  28. yoga for cyclists
  29. yoga for type-As
  30. yoga cooking club
  31. yoga book club
  32. alignment-based yoga
  33. poetry reading yoga
  34. free flow yoga
  35. swim yoga
  36. early morning yoga
  37. night owl yoga
  38. yoga networking
  39. lunch break yoga
  40. yoga for low back pain
  41. yoga for knee pain
  42. yoga for people with arthritis/cancer/depression/etc.
  43. yoga for families
  44. yoga for chocolate lovers
  45. yoga for couples
  46. yoga for working women
  47. knit + yoga
  48. cook + yoga
  49. garden + yoga
  50. walk + yoga
  51. hard core yoga
  52. easy-breezy yoga
  53. beach yoga
  54. poolside yoga
  55. outdoor yoga
  56. yoga at work
  57. yoga at home
  58. yoga with friends
  59. girls' night out yoga
  60. dinner + yoga
  61. yoga + dessert
  62. yoga life coaching
  63. yoga discussion group
  64. pilates + yoga
  65. master class arm balances
  66. master class inversions
  67. master class backbends
  68. super long savasana
  69. yoga nidra
  70. doga (yoga with your dog)
  71. yoga in the park
  72. pop up yoga (in tons of fun/crazy places)
  73. no prop yoga
  74. all-prop yoga
  75. hot yoga
  76. skype yoga
  77. youtube yoga
  78. online yoga
  79. simon says yoga (everyone takes a turn leading)
  80. playful yoga
  81. eyes-closed yoga
  82. tea time yoga
  83. private yoga
  84. therapeutic yoga
  85. massage + yoga
  86. ayurveda + yoga

so, there is my quick brainstorm of interesting (maybe crazy) ideas.

i hope they inspire you to investigate how to bring more of YOU into your yoga teaching!

what's your yoga niche?  or one you're considering?