biz: how to create a blog that makes a difference

are you interested in starting a blog?  or do you already have a blog, but are wondering how to take it to the next level (i.e. get it in front of more eyes?)  so many yoga teachers i talk with are interested in starting a blog, but don't really understand what it takes to create a blog that truly makes a difference, and i'm guessing if you're interested in blogging, you are interested in making a difference! so, the thick and thin of it comes down to this:

  • offer valuable information with the goal of helping people - as a yoga teacher, you have a WEALTH of knowledge that other people would love a taste of.  remember, not everyone's life is as wrapped up in yoga as yours, and things that you take for granted -- like knowing the meaning of namaste or the importance of ujjayi breath might be the very things your students (i.e. readers) are wondering about!  think about what questions your studnets ask you, and start from there!
  • leverage your content (don’t just let it sit on your blog!) - do not, i repeat DO NOT, just let your valuable content sit on your blog waiting to be found.  distribute it to the people that it wrote it for.  send it to your email list, post a link on facebook, tweet it out -- share your knowledge with others!
  • be consistent! - consistency is key.  anyone can start a blog.  it takes a whole different person to keep blogging.  commit to it like you would to your yoga practice, and put time on your calendar when you'll write.  it doesn't have to be every day or even every week, but i would recommend at least once a month to give your students/readers something they can count on :-)

soon, i'm going to be speaking with chris king - the marketing alchemist - about this topic, and we'll go much more in-depth, so stay tuned for more info about that!

also, i'd love for you to join me for my FREE webinar: How To Establish An Online Presence & Grow Your Following.  hope to "see" you there!

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