biz: how to create content that people want to read & share

i recently read an article in business insider (that my husband forwarded to me -- thanks, babe!) about creating content that people want to not only read but also share.  interested?  i was! the web is a big (and getting bigger) place, and it's getting harder and harder to create content (whether it be blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.) that actually grab people's attention.  so, what's the trick?  well, according to buzz marketing a book by mark hughes, there are 6 "buttons" that he's uncovered that really get people talking (and sharing) the content you put out there on the web -- and when you're a yoga teacher trying to make a difference in the world with your teachings, writings, or videos, knowing these six buttons is surely helpful!

so, what exactly are these 6 buttons that you "need to push"?  well, according to hughes, no matter what you're creating, what your niche is, or what target market you're trying to reach, these are the six key factors to consider when creating content that you hope to be read and shared.

is your content?....

- remarkable

- secrets

- unusual

- funny

- outrageous

- taboo

ok, so i know for me personally, i'm not really drawn to creating "taboo" content, but in my marketing efforts, i generally try to share "secrets" with you that can help you expand your reach to more students and grow your yoga career into something sustainable, fun, and fulfilling.  perhaps, i'll try to branch out into more "buttons" in the future now that i know what they are!

so, i encourage you, as you move forward, to consider how you can incorporate some of these "buttons" into your teachings as well as into the content you share with your students, fans, and followers to get them sharing all the goodness you offer :-)


to read the original business insider article, click here.