biz: how to establish an online presence & grow your following (FREE online webinar)

mark your calendars! on thursday, march 21st i'll be hosting a FREE webinar about how to establish an online presence and grow your following. interested in joining? you can sign up here.

want the details? here's what i'll be covering during the 45 minute webinar:

during this webinar, you'll learn how to build an online presence, and establish yourself as a niche expert in your chosen field. we'll also cover the tricks of creating great content, and then i'll show you how to leverage that content on multiple platforms for maximum impact with your target market. you’ll hear about great (and FREE!) online resources that enable you to interact with and market directly to your ideal clients. this webinar is appropriate for anyone wanting actionable strategies that they can apply to their small business today to expand their reach and grow their business online -- and is especially great for yoga teachers who are ready to grow their teaching into a career!

hope you can join me!  reserve your spot today (space is limited!)

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