biz q&a: how to grow your yoga biz when life throws you a curve ball

i got an email from a reader named lisa asking for some advice about how to keep moving forward with her yoga business after life threw her a curve ball -- in her case a baby!!  and, i though i'd address her question in a video so that you could hear my advice, too :-)

if you're working hard to transform your yoga teaching into a career, but feel like life keeps getting in the way, this video is for you!

in it i share how you can keep moving forward with your biz -- even when responsibilities, obligations, life changes, and babies arise.  AND, even if you only have a few hours a week to dedicate to your business.

check out this video to learn...

(1) how to compartmentalize your biz to streamline your schedule

(2) how to reverse engineer your year

(3) why BIG goals are more important than the daily grind

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