biz: the yoga biz breakdown -- where & how you should spend your time

so, last week, i talked about how you should compartmentalize your yoga biz in this video. well, today, i thought i'd take that idea one step further, and move into where and how you should spend your time to really make the most of it!

to get the ball rolling, let's start off with a pop quiz!
how much of your dedicated biz time should you spend planning classes, teaching, meeting with private clients, and working on your day-to-day yoga biz stuff?

a. 100% b. 75% c. 50% d. 25%

so, what’s your guess?

ready for the answer?

it’s (d) 25%!

this answer might surprise you, but if you truly want to transform your current yoga reality into your dream yoga career, you should only dedicate about 25% of your biz time and energy to your current yoga business.

if your current yoga biz IS NOT the yoga career of your dreams, you need to rethink how you spend your time – because where you spend your time and energy is where you’ll stay.

here’s the rough formula i recommend.

if you can swing it, you should spend:

  • 25-30% of your time/energy/focus on your current yoga biz – that means the day-to-day stuff that you need to do to keep it going like teaching, planning classes, meeting with private clients, etc.
  • 40-50% of your time/energy/focus should be spent on your future biz – which means building relationships with potential students and clients (which I’ll cover in-depth in 2 hours to yoga biz!), fleshing out upcoming offerings like workshops & immersions, and working toward 6 month to 1 year goals (like creating an online offering for your students).
  • 25-30% of your time/energy/focus should be on your dream yoga biz – that means working on 1-5 year goals, networking with yoga big shots who can help you get there, planning a retreat, or starting your own teacher training program.
remember, energy flows where attention goes.

so, rethink how you’re spending your time, and start looking ahead to where you want your yoga career to be in 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years, and aim your efforts in that direction.

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