biz: starting a yoga business? do this first!

are you trying to bring more business savvy to your yoga career?

do you feel totally clueless about how to do it?  are you confused about how to prioritize your biz to-dos?

starting a biz is not for the faint of heart -- but it's not rocket science either (unless you're starting a rocket science biz!).  and, remember, ACTION trumps everything -- small steps forward are ALWAYS BETTER than no steps at all!

so, if you feel stalled, confused, and frustrated, get ready to harness some mega-clarity.

in this quick 3 minute vid, i share the FIRST THING you need to do when starting a new business.  watch now & enjoy :-)

what are you going to do TODAY to move forward in your business?

P.S. my course, 2 Hours to Yoga Biz, is now underway, and it's ALL ABOUT creating a yoga newsletter.  if you want to be a part of 2 Hours to Yoga Biz 2014, sign-up up here.