biz: the two questions that will transform your yoga career

as a society -- and especially as women and yoga teachers -- we don't like to say "no".

no is "negative".  it's off-putting.  and we've be trained to bend over backwards (yoga pun intended :-) to be accommodating, no matter the cost.

as a business owner and solopreneur, i cannot stress enough how vital it is to get comfortable with saying no.  (did that statement make you cringe?)

no is not a bad word.  and, it's not at all negative when used appropriately.  saying "no" to someone else means you're saying "yes" to yourself!  it simply means that whatever is being asked of you is not a priority for you.

feeding your family is a priority.  teaching yoga classes to fulfill your purpose and make money is a priority.  volunteering at your child's school's annual bake sale is not (...unless it is...).  the thing is, priorities look different for each and every one of us -- yours are different than mine, and that's ok.  and that's why we have to get comfortable with that little two-letter word: no.

we have to set our own boundaries and parameters.  when we're out there, doing our thing, we're our own bosses -- no one is there to dictate to you what should be a top priority and what should be passed by.  it's up to you!

before you say yes to any more fundraisers, parties, get-togethers, volunteer efforts, teaching jobs, etc. ask yourself these two questions.

  • will this bring me closer to my ultimate goal of becoming [a world-changing yoga teacher]? (you can insert your own descriptive in the brackets!)
  • will i regret passing up this opportunity?

if you answer "yes" to both -- the thing in front of you is worth your time.  but, if you answer "no" to both, politely respond "no", and know that you made the absolute best decision for you and your yoga career.

if you're split, one "yes" and one "no", take your time to think it over, or even draft up a pros and cons list to help you with your decision!  trust your gut -- it's likely leaning one way or another.

what is one thing that you can say (or have said) "no" to that will bring you closer to your dreams?