biz: how to land an awesome yoga teaching job, make more money, and more!

do you want to know the secret to landing an amazing yoga teaching job, making more money, getting featured on a popular yoga blog, and more?  (of course you do!) a lot of people think that if you train enough, teach enough, and work enough, you'll one day be "anointed" a world-changing yogi -- and then you'll be offered dream teaching gigs, earn the big bucks, and see your image on countless yoga blogs.

but, the truth is, no one "anoints" you an expert in your industry.  no one, that is, but you!

the real secret -- and one that i've personally used a number of times to get great teaching jobs, speaking engagements, be interviewed, land guest posts, and more is...ASK FOR IT.

you know that old saying, "ask and you shall receive" -- well, there's a lot of truth to that!  if you want something, you have to go out there and make it happen.  no one is going to do it for you.

what are you waiting for?

to complete another teacher training?  to get another year of teaching under your belt?  those are just self-imposed obstacles that we place on ourselves.  if you keep on waiting, you'll likely find that there will never be a "perfect time".  it's about making things happen, not waiting and hoping.

if you want to change the world through your yoga teaching, you need to start making it happen right NOW.  not tomorrow, not next month, not next year.  start prioritizing, and ASK for what you need to make it a reality.  suggest a new class idea for your studio's schedule that you would love to teach, ask another teacher you admire to co-teach a workshop about a topic you've been longing to teach, pitch an idea for a yoga article to elephant journal or another popular yoga blog, contact a local teacher training and ask to speak about your area of expertise...the possibilities are truly endless (as long as you don't get in your own way!).

when people ask me how i've been able to build my business so quickly, they're often surprised that my answer is so simple.  i put myself out there, asked for what i needed, and kept pushing forward even when the inevitable "no" came my way.  that's it.

sure, asking for what you desire is scary.  it means putting yourself out there.  it means being vulnerable and exposing your dreams.  but, i would ask you think about what you're risking by NOT asking for what you desire.  what are you risking by NOT pursuing your dreams?  and, for me, that's a far scarier alternative.

what is something you've been putting off or waiting for that you could ASK for today?