yogi: when have you had enough yoga teacher training?

we yogis like to learn.  correction: we LOVE to learn.  if we could learn about yoga and take yoga all day long, we likely would.  we soak it up like little yoga sponges :-)

we like to learn so much that we often put ALL of our focus on learning -- absorbing as much knowledge, philosophy, and asana as we can -- only to realize one day (likely years later) that your yoga career never really got off the ground.

you keep thinking to yourself, "one more training and then i'll be ready".  but then that training comes and goes, and you're hungry for another.  and there's nothing wrong with that!  i love taking trainings too, and they are an invaluable part of any teachers' repertoire, but there is a time to step back from your training and begin to place the majority of your focus on teaching and your teaching career rather than training.

that point is different for everyone, some people hit the ground running after their first 200 hour training while others have 1000s of hours of training under their belt and still feel like they need more.

this is what you need to ask yourself before you sign-up for another 100 hours:

is this training a necessary step to becoming a world-changing yoga teacher...OR am i using training & learning as a crutch and putting my dreams on hold?

no one can answer that question but you, but likely, deep down, you'll know the answer.

training is fun, we know how to learn about yoga, and it's comfortable and familiar.  building a career around your yoga teaching is a challenge, it's unfamiliar, it's scary, but it's so unbelievably rewarding, too!

the only way to grow into an amazing, world-changing yoga teacher is to put yourself out there in ways you have not done before.  step outside of your comfort zone (i.e. the seat of the student), embrace what you have learned thus far, and SHARE IT with the world!

so, are you a "student" or a teacher?