Boost Self-Esteem Effortlessly : )

1. Be positive! Practice positive self-talk. So many of us list all our flaws the second we look in the mirror. Instead, make a conscious effort to practice positive (or at least neutral) self-talk. Recognize the blueness of your eyes, the beauty of your posture or the curl of your hair. Positive self-talk is key to a healthy relationship with your body.

2. Smile! Smiling is a wonderful way to improve your mood and feel better about yourself. So, when the blues are setting in, put a smile on your face and feel the effect ripple throughout your body.

3. Practice Yoga. Studies show that women who practice yoga regularly (at least 2-3 times per week) have much higher self-esteem and lower instances of eating disorders and mid-life weight gain than women who do not practice. So, grab your mat and say "Om" and revel in your new found mind-body connection.

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