Sharing the nest...

My boyfriend and I recently purchased our first home. It's been a whirlwind experience filled with lots of laughs, smiles and just a few little fights : ) Below I've listed some tips for anyone who is newly sharing their nest.

1. Acceptance. If you're moving in with someone, you obviously love and care about who they are. You accept and appreciate them better or worse....and worse can sometimes mean a different design sense! Realize that their style may not be completely compatible with yours, but learn to appreciate (or look beyond) it. If they have something that you find truly unacceptable, discuss it openly and be sure to ask if you have anything they would like you to reconsider hanging on to.

2. Compromise. Realize that you both are going to have to give up some things that you've grown accustomed to. If you both have a couch and only have room for one, you're going to have to decide whose to keep. Remember that your love and relationship are more important than furniture!

3. Bring in some new. Another fun, exciting and sometimes stressful part of moving in is purchasing new items together. Be sure to remain open minded and don't get offended if your partner isn't drawn to what you were hoping for. Finding a solution that meets both of your needs is much more important for the long run.

Hope these tips are helpful! Have fun decorating : ).