buddha bowl

i wanted to share one of my favorite things today with all of you.  my buddha bowl.  this bowl - with it's lovely, organic curves and convenient thumb hole - fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.  it's my go-to bowl for cereal, soup, overnight oats, chili and anything else i want to cozy-up with.

craig gave me a set of them for my birthday 2 years ago.  and i fell in love.  the buddha bowl supports a communion with your a food.  a coming together with whatever deliciously comforting meal you're about to enjoy.  it's fabulous.

and, as long as you fill your buddha bowl with wholesome, nutritious delights, you won't have to worry about developing the dreaded buddha belly...

need some ideas of what to fill your buddha bowl with?

overnight oats with peanut butter & banana
homemade mac n' cheese
cereal with pecans & raisins
st. germain & vodka cocktail (just kidding...)

(fyi - i didn't get paid or anything to write this.  i just love my buddha bowl that much!)

and, congratulations to tamara from smallwoods studios - the winner of the shabby apple dress giveaway : ).