send cailen to napa!

warning: this post is shamelessly self-promotional : )
hello mavens!
i have the opportunity to attend a conference this august in the napa valley put on by tim ferriss, author and brand-building guru. i'm in the semi-final round for a $10,000 scholarship to win a free ride (it costs upwards of $7000 to attend...yikes!)
why i need you: the winner will be selected based upon their application video. so, please take just 1 min to click this link and vote for me.  scroll down to video #6 (bonus: you don’t even have to watch it), and vote for "cailen ascher poles".
thank you so so so much! keep your fingers-crossed....
...and, if you feel so inclined, pass this along via twitter, email, facebook. i will be endlessly grateful and totally owe you one!