for my mom

flowers from our yard

from you i learned compassion.  how to throw a party effortlessly.  and how to cook everything.  i have your curly hair and share your love of quaint towns, great restaurants and falling leaves.  give us a quiet, comfortable, fireside chair, and we're home.  give us a piano, and we'll serenade you (with a few finger stumbles).  give us a song, and we'll sing in harmony.  in you i have a friend, a mentor, a confident, an advisor.  you give me your love, unconditionally.  your attention, undivided.  your support, unending. for this, and so much more, i thank you.  kindred spirits, old souls, dear friends.  mother & daughter.

happy mother's day

lilacs are my mom's favorite flower - these are from our yard

olive - the granddoggy
our cottage in the spring
magnolia bush in the front yard
olive in the yard
flowers by the barn
front yard
olive & the lilac bush
love you so much.
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